Welcome to the Terraform on Azure Coding Challenge

Spacebadger with Engine

Starting Monday, June 22, we’re tuning in for #HashiConf Digital and we’ve engineered some #TerraformOnAzure Coding Challenges for you 🚀. Every day of the week we’ll publish a new challenge and you’ll have 24 hours to complete it.

Everyday at 2PM CEST, a new challenge which will be posted on this page. You can help our little badger get their website up and running in the cloud!!

How does it work? 🧰

This week (June 22-26), while HashiConf Digital takes place, we’re releasing a daily #TerraformOnAzure coding challenge. You have 24 hours to submit your coding challenge solution, before we will publish ours in this repo.

Of course, you’re free to continue to work longer on your coding challenge and still it! We want to learn from you as well! The goal is for everyone to learn and expore.

Get your exclusive space-themed gift now 🎁! We have created an exclusive, custom background, for you to use in all your video calls!

Custom Background

What’s this spacy badger doing here?

Our Azure Heroes badger has a startup idea that is out of this world! For their interstellar delivery service, they need your help developing an app leveraging the best of Terraform, Azure, and Azure managed Kubernetes. Help them deploy their application, so they can concentrate on the quality of their galactic snacks.

Are you ready to show off your Terraform and Azure skills to send our astronaut badger into space?

This day’s challenge

Watch the day 5 video to see how our Badger is progressing with the space business!

Start your engines and head over to Challenge 5

Challenges 💻

Date Challenge Description Video
June 22, 2020 Challenge 1 Hosting a website on Azure App Service day1
June 23, 2020 Challenge 2 Hosting the application databases on Azure day2
June 24, 2020 Challenge 3 Remote state and CI/CD pipeline GitHub Actions day3
June 25, 2020 Challenge 4 Deploying on Azure Kubernetes Service day4
June 26, 2020 Challenge 5 Connecting it all with Consul day5

What else can I do?

Thanks for asking! Follow the #TerraformOnAzure Twitter hashtag, bookmark this page, and/or have a look at our documentation.